Apple Now Selling More iPads Than Macs; iOS Eclipses Dell And HP’s PC Businesses
7/20/2011 08:40  Source:Forbes  

Well that was fast. Apple sold 9.25 million iPads for the quarter ending in June. It sold 3.95 million Macs. That’s remarkable. What’s really insane: when you look at unit sales, Apple iOS business is now bigger than HP and Dell’s PC businesses, combined.

Apple said Tuesday that it sold sold 33 million iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches during the quarter ending in June (see “Apple Crushes Estimates; Posts 125% Earnings Jump; iPad Sales Up 183%; iPhone Sales Up 142%“). By contrast, HP sold just 14.8 million PCs during the second quarter. Dell sold only 10.6 million. Suddenly, the post-PC era is here.

To be sure, there are a thousand little things you can’t quite do on an iPad right now. Printing is still a chore. Touch-typing on the devices is tricky, even with an optional keyboard. Editing photos and making movies still require a PC. How many of us, however, do those tasks for a living?

Not many. Little wonder, then, that Apple demoted the Mac from its role at the center of its “digital hub” strategy, moving to tie all its devices to its iCloud service, and cut the iPad’s dependence on the PC for everything from software updates to data backup. Before you know it there might not be a PC to backup to for many of us.


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