Coolpad Li Wang:The rethinking of Cool Cloud strategy of Coolpad
6/28/2011 11:14  Source:Times Weekly  Author:Tan Ji Zhang Jingang

Last year China Telecom Surfing phone trade fair Coolpad launched 8 terminals of CDMA style. However, this trend is still on this year, which is based on the the cloud computing strategy platform of Cool Cloud.

June 16,2011 Coolpad firmly launched the cloud computing platform named Cool cloud, and served as the strategy emphasis. At the same time the company launched new products 9930 and N950, which is based on the cool cloud platform.

Last trade fair there is no mobile phone with android OS. The vice president of Coolpad Li Wang said to the report from Times Weekly the company will transfer to the  mobile phone with android OS. Nowadays Coolpad has switched from WinCE OS to Android OS.

In fact, it is not new style for Android mobile phone. The cloud computing based on mobile internet goes spread fast. Apple Inc launched iCloud not so long age, and Motorola with Mo-computing, and it is fortunetly for Coolpad to develop Cool cloud in the blooming phase of cloud computing.

The Daguan terminal with 1.0 version cool cloud was launched this year by coolpad, which is called the integration of wireless and data in coolpad. A lot of technology is accumulation in many years, such as backup, download, collaboration etc, which are called cloud, i.e. the integration of Collaboration.

The cloud plan of coolpad, named cool cloud, is like the cloud of Apple in the essence of technology, which is based on the cloud storage, one application of cloud computing. But the cool cloud is different from others in the local speciaties aimed for the special users and market in China.

In general, as China local R&D company, coolpad has the competitive timetable for cloud developing, the 1.0 version in June and 2.0 version in the third quarter this year.

Coolpad has been developing 2 of 3G standard, CDMA and TD standard, which has among the world's leading technical reserves and the ability of technology products. Coolpad has also experienced an adjustment, that is, intelligent platform above the switch. We are switching from Windows platform to the Android platform that has gone through about half a year, which is the fastest in the world. Coolpad took 6-8 months to complete a series of Android product launch, and some foreign firms took 15-18 months to complete, of course, they take a step before than us, there are some specific difficulties. Secondly, the Chinese market, after all, has its particularity, the domestic manufacturers understand the needs of this market better, the mainland market from the current CDMA field of view, the amount of the release of Coolpad is in the first group, but besides most low-end products, other types of 3G products are all released.

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