TCL Computer´s New GM Placates Partners Over Rumor
8/10/2007 13:07  Resource:China Tech News  Author£ºChina Tech News

    After management changes and rumors of TCL's possible sale of its computer services division made its rounds in China, the company's new general manager has had to act fast to assuage channel partners that the company is still a going concern.

    In order to placate the company's channel partners who have lost trust in the company, Yang Jianrong, the newly appointed general manager of TCL Computer, has according to local media just sent an emergency letter to the company's channel partners across China and reiterated that TCL would not abandon the computer business.

    In the letter that local media says was aptly titled "A Public Letter to All Channel Partners", Yang explained and clarified a series of sensitive issues that occurred in TCL in the recent days. He said that the company's adjustment of its general manager position was a normal personnel adjustment and this would not affect the operation of the computer business. Yang also said that TCL would not sell the computer service. Instead, it would allocate more resources to support its development.

    In the meantime, he also promised channel operators that TCL would maintain the stability of both its sales team and channel partners and would not make any change on the cooperation policies with them.

    Lian Qichun, general manager of TCL Brand Center, has also told local media that the recent human resource changes and the rumor of the selling of TCL's computer business have greatly disturbed the company's employees and its channel partners, so the company hopes this letter would free them of these troubles.

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